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      Welcome to Children's Dream Racer!


  • Our mission at Children’s Dream Racer (CDR) is to place Dream Racers in Children’s Hospitals and Cancer Care Centers worldwide to help children get through any difficult treatment that they must endure.
  • Thank you on advance, All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
  • A Dream Racer is a child-sized version of a real NASCAR race car. Built by retired NASCAR car builder and founder of CDR, Mark “Smitty” Smith, these cars are made with the same materials used to make real  NASCAR race cars. 
  • All Dream Racers include a flat panel TV, CD/DVD player, Play Station®, IV Pole, Oxygen bottle holder, Race car seat, safety harness, window net, spoiler, splitter, easy roll casters with brake.  Built in SMILES are also standard equipment!
  • When a Dream Racer is donated to a Children’s Hospital or Cancer Care Center,  the car is wrapped with the donors colors, logos and graphics.  It is a TAX DEDUCTIBLE rolling advertisement billboard!  The colors, logos and graphics will NEVER be changed so it is a life long advertising investment.
  • One group, company , family or organization can sponsor a Dream Racer - OR- several groups, companies, families or people may work together to sponsor one.  
  • The cost of one Dream Racer is $10,000.00 plus shipping costs.



Children’s Dream Racers are built with the same materials as real race cars

Is it worth it?

CDR founder Mark "Smitty" Smith says,

"When you see a nurse roll a Dream Racer to a little boy who is so sick he can't hold his head up and you see him perk up, get a smile on his face and climb in, 





Learn how Smitty started the idea for the Children's Dream Racers cars and see how you can help!


Recently, on November 16 the Shriners Hospital in Greenville, SC received their first Dream Racer donated by the Eastern Star of Virginia and the NASCAR Foundation! 





Call 704. 200-8566 OR nascarpainter@aol.com for more information, today!

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