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  • Speedway Children's Charities unveils dream racer at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock... CLICK HERE

"It certainly makes life a lot easier; it's a fabulous device. 
A child taking respiratory treatment or a medicine that increase their heart rate for a short period of time. Or, who is sitting between prescribed intervals where blood must be drawn or having chemotherapy can cinch up the safety belts that come with real cars in the Dream Racer and have some fun.
The car can also be used as a reward patients  who cooperate through difficult treatments."

Sara Barnett, Child Life Specialist; All Children's Hospital, St. Petersburg FL

Good Morning Lindsey,

Our son Benjamin P. Leonard was born eight weeks premature at Orlando Regional on March 2, 1988. He's one of the many "Disney babies" that you folks refer to! Ben weighed 4lbs. 6oz., suffered a collapsed lung on 3/3, and we had him baptized that afternoon fearing the worst! 
Ben received wonderful care, traveled back home to PA three weeks later and is now 6' 2" tall and a fine healthy young gentleman.
Our family would like to donate a Children's Dream Racer to The Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. We'll be in Orlando the first week of March 2010 and would like to do this personally on either 3/1 or 2.
Please open the link below for information on the Dream Racer.  www.childrensdreamracer.com
We learned about this product from a fine friend in NC, Garry Hill who's very involved in this worthwhile project. 
Please let me know what more information that you'll need and we'll plan accordingly.
Thanks for all the great work,

Michael G. Leonard, President; Leonard Bus Sales Inc.

Smitty, The pleasure was all mine! You are doing a wonderful thing... Take care! 

Click here to view video with Larry McReynolds

Larry Mac


Hey Smitty,

Here are some pictures from some events we have done. I heard from a mom today who's little girl is having Kidney Surgery. While she was at the Palmetto Children's Hospital in SC waiting to have her biopsy on her Kidney she saw the Children's dream racer. And said her little girl forgot all about her illness for awhile and had the best time driving the car. She wanted to say thank you. Her little girl is going to have the surgery Nov 23 and she can't wait to drive the dream racer again. 

That is what it's all about! Her pictures are on her facebook. I wish I could get copies. I could barely hold back tears looking at this sweet little girl fighting for her life.

God Bless,  

Rebecca Bearden, Mrs. South Carolina America 2009

Children's Dream Racer                                                                    
 "The Dream Racer scored over 50 points higher than required to pass the safety inspection in order to be allowed to come into the hospital."

Scott Stewart, Bioengineer, ALL Childrens Hospital


"While filming a little girl playing in a dream racer at Levine's Children's Hospital, a lady and a little boy came in & I spoke to them. The lady said, he will not speak to you he is an expressionless child who shows no emotions because he has autisum.
When one of the Dream Racers became empty, the little boy wandered over and sat in the Dream Racer. In a while he was smiling & gesturing to his mother & pretending to drive.
The mother said crying -- she never saw his teeth before, except when she was brushing them..."

ESPN Camerman


"When you see sick kids, it just gnaws at you. It just a pretty neat deal. Now it's all about getting these cars in hospitals and making people aware of them. I'd love to see 8 or 10 of them in some place with difrferent logos and different drivers. That would be awesome.
It's a little escape from what's going on or distracting them - a litle bit will help make time go by faster."

David Reutimann, David Reutimann Foundation

The Make A Wish Dream Racer donated by Terry Chandler


Call 704. 200-8566 OR nascarpainter@aol.com for more information, today!

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