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...you'll be giving smiles!

For Sponsorship Inquires: Please contact our Director of Sponsorship Development  Call (704) 200-8566 or nascarpainter@aol.com for information, today!


 We accept donations of any amount to build Children's Dream Racer.
Just select the 'Donate' button below.


Any contribution amount will support 'the build' of a Children's Dream Racer with other donors like you! 
Submit your favorite hospital's name to us with your donation and we'll include your suggestion in our 
Dream Racer placement lottery. When enough funds are contributed to build one dream racer,
a hospital will be drawn to become a recipient of a Dream Racer for their children.
Perhaps you'd like to wholly sponsor a Children's Dream Racer to a preferred care center - we welcome full sponsorships, too!
No matter the hospital, any new placement of a Dream Racer supports all sick children who are the winners!
They'll enjoy their moments in a Dream Racer when they are under treatment for their condition...
When a child smiles, the world smiles, too!
Donate here, donate today to build a Dream Racer! 
Just click on the 'Donate' button above! 
704 200-8566


Call 704. 200-8566 OR nascarpainter@aol.com for more information, today!

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